RedBull Formula1 Balloon Racingcar

Voor Deniz 6e verjaardag heb ik een formule1 raceauto van ballonnen gemaakt. Zijn moeder heeft foto’s naar Red Bull Racin gestuurd. Hieronder hun fantastische compliment!
Hi …….(name removed),
Thank you very much for sending us photos of Deniz’s car – it looks great!
We left the photos on our desk at the factory in Milton Keynes and it seems that the ever elusive Red Bull F1 Spy (the secret agent within our team…) must have come across them as he has made use of them today on his twitter feed in Budapest:
The team and Sebastian were also hugely impressed with Deniz’s car so thanks again for showing us and have a great weekend!
Infiniti Red Bull Racin.
Raceauro Formula1 Red Bull